A common problem for schools trying to get to grips with their responsibilities under GDPR is what to do about ageing CCTV systems.

If they receive a subject access request, schools may have to redact (make unidentifiable) any other people in the footage – something that can be done relatively easily on modern, high-end systems but is not available on the older, cheaper installations commonly found in schools.

If they don’t have the money to fund a fully featured replacement (naturally enough a low spending priority in the face of more pressing needs), schools need to find another way – and Accordio has the low-cost, secure answer.

Cost-effective privacy management

By partnering with Facit Data Systems, Accordio can now provide Facit’s Identity Cloak software as a solution to this aspect of the school’s CCTV operations.

Identity Cloak uses the school’s existing camera networks, which means there is no need for any additional hardware, keeping costs to a minimum while meeting the need to comply with the new regulation.

The software is used to blur faces in recorded CCTV footage, quickly transforming high-risk data to the low-risk category. It gives schools a redaction tool that allows them to accommodate each and any data access request they receive, but because the video footage remains on the premises, the school’s policies and procedures remain intact.

The service is delivered annually through a tiered subscription, offering a ‘pay as you use’ service that will significantly reduce the costs for most schools.

Redact images in record time

This straightforward and extremely fast redaction system is suitable for both B2B (business to business and B2C (business to consumer) organisations, allowing the operator to see what is happening in video footage while hiding the individual’s identity.

Contact Accordio to discuss how this solution will allow your school to comply with this aspect of GDPR simply, cheaply and efficiently.