While the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been warmly welcomed by those who want to rid themselves of marketing calls and seen as an undoubted hassle by companies that depend on data to earn a crust, there is another side to this complex legislation.

The EU legislation, despite the media's focus on privacy, was designed to boost the digital economy by streamlining the way companies communicate with their customers, while at the same time keeping the data they rely on secure.

Too many companies and other organisations rely on data that has been collected in haphazard fashion over the years, often brought together from various databases and looked after by different people. It quickly becomes out of date, often irrelevant and impossible to manage efficiently. Amendments are missed, old records aren't deleted and duplications are almost inevitable.

Against this background, a sensible response to the data handling requirements of GDPR can help a business not simply meet its legal obligations but emerge from the process with a clean, efficient database of relevant targets who are interested in the product and happy to be kept in the picture.

Accordio has the expertise to help companies, schools and other organiations rationalise the data they hold, reducing the risk of errors, cutting the cost of storage and saving employees' time and effort.

By working with Accordio, your company will go beyond being merely compliant to being far more effective and productive, with the cost of compliance more than offset by the efficiencies gained. 

Our new leaflet is aimed at schools, but the opportunities are the same for businesses, parish councils, charities and other organisations.

Make GDPR work for your organisation by contacting Accordio today.