Schools wondering how to cope with the latest administrative challenge have been thrown a lifeline with the launch of Accordio's outsourced Data Protection Officer Service.

The new ‘privacy law’ set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has added to the increasing burden on schools - but help is at hand.

Under the new rules, every school is expected to appoint a Data Protection Officer – and that's not something that can be added to the workload of the school’s business manager, since it would mean the same postholder acting as both poacher and gamekeeper.

Accordio's outsourcing model allows schools to stay within the rules for a fraction of the cost of appointing a dedicated member of staff, while allowing the school to focus on teaching the children in its care. The other issue with appointing a dedicated postholder is that there just aren't enough trained DPOs to to around - the country was 37,000 short at the last estimate.

To help schools cope with a requirement many of them would otherwise struggle to meet, Accordio can take on that responsibility and advise the leadership team on a regular basis after carrying out a data audit to make sure the right systems are in place.

The audit, which looks at how an organisation collects, stores and uses personal data before recommending any changes that need to be made, is also available as a standalone service to schools or businesses keen to stay within the law.